How to find the best whale watching Gold Coast deals

Anyone taking a trip to the Gold Coast will probably want to consider taking part in whale watching. This part of Australia features some of the best whale watching in the country, and also has the longest season, lasting from the late part of May into November. This part of the coast is also known as Humpback Highway, due to the numbers of whales that are present in the area. If this is an experience that is on your bucket list, then you might want to find the best whale watching Gold Coast deals available for your group, making sure that you get a great trip upon the sea as well as the opportunity to spot the largest mammals on earth.

Whale sightseeing cruises

These are the most common ways to experience the whales in their natural environment, and they are also extremely popular with both foreign tourists and visitors from other parts of Australia. They tend to use large vessels that can take a number of passengers at the same time. Whether you want to take part in a guided tour of the whale watching area, or simply want to sit in a vessel and try to spot one of the mammals, you can enjoy yourself in a cruise and feel safe, even getting up close to theseimpressiveand curious creatures. Going on a cruise is the perfect way to take good photographs of the whales, because your vessel will be handled by experienced captains, helping to keep the ship stable while you are on board. This type of cruise is ideal for families, nervous passengers, and those who want to spend time with their friends as well as look out for whales.

More adventurous, more private

Naturally, cruises are not the only way to go whale watching on the Gold Coast, and deals are possible on a number of different options. For example, you could try travelling across the water on a luxury catamaran, which will take you to the islands and also allow you to get close to humpback whales and young calves. The speed of the catamaran is likely to add a sense of adventure to the trip, so it is ideal if you have already been on a whale watching cruise and want to experience something different. You could also try hiring private vessels for the day, which will allow you to go out on the water on your own, and experience whales as a family or group of friends.